Made individual doc pages for each submodule of the Soft Potato library


Since the documentation was already too long for one single page, I decided to put each single module on its own page. To have the same format, each page needs to have the styling, menu, initialization, etc., at the begining. I did not want to do it manually for each new page that I add, so instead, I wrote a Python script that opens a HTML file and finds the following comment:

<!-- MENU -->

and replaces it with a text. The script asks for the name of the file and the text that is going to replace the comment. After finished, it shows the contentst of the text before and after modification. It is a very simple script and probably will only serve me at the moment, but as the website becomes more complex, I will be including more options to it. For example, it can do the inverse, ask for a name of a new HTML file and then create a template with the CSS styling, title, headers, etc., according to pre-determined rules. We'll see. For the moment, I will continue writing the documentation.