Made individual doc pages for each submodule of the Soft Potato library


Since the documentation was already too long for one single page, I decided to put each single module on its own page. To have the same format, each page needs to have the styling, menu, initialization, etc., at the begining. I did not want to do it manually for each new page that I add, so instead, I wrote a Python script that opens a HTML file and finds the following comment:

<!-- MENU -->

and replaces it with a text. The script asks for the name of the file and the text that is going to replace the comment. After finished, it shows the contentst of the text before and after modification. It is a very simple script and probably will only serve me at the moment, but as the website becomes more complex, I will be including more options to it. For example, it can do the inverse, ask for a name of a new HTML file and then create a template with the CSS styling, title, headers, etc., according to pre-determined rules. We'll see. For the moment, I will continue writing the documentation.

Fri, 11 Mar 2022 21:45:09 -0600

Documentation for the technique module is finished


I just finished the documentation for the technique module. While writing it I realized that there is no need to write:


it is enought to write:


Although I like the idea of having simpler code, I think it is better to be explicit so I need to find how to fix it to force the user to include the module when calling any function. Also, it seems that I will have to break down the documentation in individual pages now, I was hoping the first version would be short but apparently it is not. I will try to do that as soon as possible. I am dreading it because I am writing the html code manually, I am not using a static website generator because I did not like the ones I saw. I want to keep it as simple as possible. I should write my own in Python or even Bash. I am also wondering if it is a good idea to upload the full webpage to GitHub so that if anyone is interested on helping me, they can. I was thinking on doing it anyway for the tutorials page that I have not added yet, with the idea that people can create their own but I guess it may be good to do it now. It could also help with the JavaScript code for Soft Potato online, I could even have people propose their own JS applications if they want to upload them. I guess I really need a static website generator so that I do not need to add the menu, styling, etc. for each new webpage. I will try to create my own. Oliver out.

Thu, 10 Mar 2022 23:59:45 -0600

Documentation for plotting is ready


I am now filling the documentation of the Python library. The plotting module is ready, see plotting. I also changed the name of the repositories in github, from SoftPotato to SoftPotato_Desktop and from softpotato_py to SoftPotato. Please make sure to visit the repository that you really want to download. I also had some problems with the versioning when uploading the library to PyPi; apparently there is some bug somewhere in the description part of the that when trying to install on a local machine via pip it says that the versions from the metadata and the file are different, but they are not. I could not resolve the issue so I just commented the description lines; it is a pity because the description would be shown in the PyPi page automatically, now it is empty. Also, because of the different trials uploading it to PyPy, we are now in Soft Potato version 1.0.3. I will continue adding the documentation for the rest of the modules, I hope it does not take me too long.

Sat, 05 Mar 2022 15:24:25 -0600

Soft Potato website is now live!


I finally got a domain and a softpotato email ( Today marks the beginning of a new era of Soft Potato. This web page will have all the information regarding your favorite open source electrochemical simulator. My plan is to add information about the desktop application, the python library and the web app. I will also add tutorials on how to use the Python version, as it is to me the most important of the three. At the moment I have the three potatoes independent from each other but the goal is to have the python library at the center of the other two which would make maintenance way easier. Let me know what you think by contacting me via email or through Twitter!

Fri, 04 Mar 2022 20:23:20 -0600