Python library 1.0.x

Welcome to the page of the Python library of Soft Potato. Here you will find instructions on how to use it and some examples. The library has four modules:

This is an on-going project, more functions will be added continuously, please follow the project on Research Gate or on the official Soft Potato Twitter account.

Code contributions

If you are interested in contributing to the code, clone the GitHub repository and submit a pull request. I will review the changes and accept them if appropriate. You can also report bugs or suggest changes and improvements in the issues section. You can also donate to the project, please check the Support me page in my personal website for more info, I will greatly appreciate it!


Soft Potato requires Python 3, numpy, scipy and matplotlib and it can be installed via pip. If people are interested, I can try uploading it to conda as well, please let me know. To install, open your console (cmd in Windows, Terminal in Mac and Linux) and write:

pip install softpotato

to test, open the Python prompt:


and write the following:

import softpotato as sp
import numpy as np
E = np.linspace(-0.5,0.5,100)
disc = sp.calculate.MicroDisc(a=12.5e-4, k0=1e-2)
i = disc.LSV(E)
sp.plotting.plot(E, i, show=True)

if everything went well, congratulations! You have now Soft Potato installed and you should be able to see the following plot: