Documentation for plotting is ready


I am now filling the documentation of the Python library. The plotting module is ready, see plotting. I also changed the name of the repositories in github, from SoftPotato to SoftPotato_Desktop and from softpotato_py to SoftPotato. Please make sure to visit the repository that you really want to download. I also had some problems with the versioning when uploading the library to PyPi; apparently there is some bug somewhere in the description part of the that when trying to install on a local machine via pip it says that the versions from the metadata and the file are different, but they are not. I could not resolve the issue so I just commented the description lines; it is a pity because the description would be shown in the PyPi page automatically, now it is empty. Also, because of the different trials uploading it to PyPy, we are now in Soft Potato version 1.0.3. I will continue adding the documentation for the rest of the modules, I hope it does not take me too long.